Horsemanship with Brandy Mission & Vision


Horsemanship with Brandy is an online and in-person horsemanship training program specializing in novice equine owners, trail riding safety, and mounted archery.  Horsemanship with Brandy is straight forward with authentic ranch life learning that is easily absorbed by novice adults and youth.  Horsemanship with Brandy has as complete line of mounted archery equipment, training manuals, and equine training and health logbooks.


Horsemanship with Brandy strives to be an instrumental online resource for first time equine owners, riders that lack confidence, novice trail riders, lesson students, and beginning mounted archers. Horsemanship with Brandy works toward helping equine and riders communicate to increase safety and longevity of both the equine and the rider.  Horsemanship with Brandy is a safe learning environment that builds the base knowledge quickly of students at an unmatched affordability.  

Horsemanship with Brandy Core Values


Horsemanship with Brandy strives to encompass these core values for each online or in-person student.

  • Safety
  • Cowboy Way of Life
  • Love of Riders, Horses, and Mules
  • Positive Growth
  • Affordability