$125.00 USD

Horse Knowledge - Level 1

Program Outline: Videos Included

  • Let’s get started! (Introduction)
  • History
    • Why Horseback Riders Typically Mount from the Left Side
    • Why Our Boots Have a Heel
  • Equine Anatomy and Health
    • Parts of the Leg
    • Weird Body Parts on the Leg: Chestnuts & Ergots
    • Parts of the Hoof
    • Picking Up the Hooves
    • Checking the Back of the Equine
    • Equine Teeth
    • Common Places to Check for Ticks and Parasites
    • Alternatives to Smashing Ticks
    • How to Properly Feed a Treat to
    • Your Equine from Your Hand
    • Taping for Weight
    • Calculating How Much to Feed Your Equine
  • Equipment
    • Grooming Tote Content
    • Three Types of Halters
    • Properly Lead Your Equine
    • Basic Differences in Bits
    • How to Safely Tie Your Equine in a Stall
    • How to Tie to a Hitching Post
    • How to Increase Safety When Tying to a Hitching Post
    • Trailer Safety Tips
    • Quick Release Trailer Tying
    • General Length to Cut the Bridle Passage
  • Services and Regulations
    • Coggins & Equine Infectious Anemia
    • To Keep or Not Continue with a Trainer/Professional
  • Horse Knowledge 1: Enrichment Activities
    • Enrichment Activities, Graphics, and Handouts
    • Horse Knowledge 1: End of Course Quiz

What to Expect:

Gain deeper insights into foundational knowledge and skills when getting started or expanding your experience with horsemanship.

Designed for the beginner, yet even seasoned horse professionals have commented about how much new information they have learned inside this program.

Many people that are new to the horse industry get taken advantage by more experienced horse owners when it comes to purchasing horses. I've witnessed many people make critical mistakes because they do not have any base knowledge before they buy a horse. 

I see horses and riders paired up incorrectly all the time. I want your first purchase or pairing to be the right one. Just like every person is different, every horse is different and you need the right horse for your personality and skill level.

After completing this program, you'll have new insights on:

  • interesting historical facts on why we do things the way we do in the modern horse world.
  • equine health & anatomy so you can confidently understand key points that will improve your overall horsemanship.
  • what equipment you will need and why.
  • plus bonus insights on regulations in the horse world.

Watch the video lessons on demand, from any device.  Watch 24/7/365 as many times as you need.