$60.00 USD

Trail Riding Basics

This course will have all materials available September 12th.  Go ahead and purchase now and we will remind you when it becomes available.

Trail riding safety and specific trail etiquette can make your trail riding experience even more memorable. Horses are a prey animal and process information differently than we do.

Equipping yourself with some basic knowledge will increase your safety and make your trail experience a joyful experience for you, your friends and family, and the horse. 

Having a lesson program in place does not have to break the bank.  

Designed for the beginner, yet even seasoned horse professionals have commented about how much new information they have learned inside this program.

After completing this program, you'll have new insights on:

  • the dos and don'ts of trail riding
  • what different unspoken cowboy codes mean
  • ways to keep your family safe
  • plus bonus insights on using the horse psychology to better equip yourself.

Watch the video lessons on demand, from any device.  Watch 24/7/365 as many times as you need.