$125.00 USD

Mounted Archery Ground One

Course Outline: 

  1.  Parts of the Arrow, Bowstring, and Bow
  2. Bow Bag Content and Equipment
  3. Stringing and Unstringing the Bow
  4. Pulling Arrows, Scoring, and Arrow Inspection
  5. How to Hold Your Bow and What to Do If It Is Upside Down
  6. Back Quiver vs Thigh Quiver
  7. Aiming, Eye Coordination, and Muscle Memory
  8. Hand Placement on the Arrow and Pulling Arrows from the Quiver
  9. Nock Placement on the Hand After Running the Hand Over the Fletching
  10. How to Properly Get the Arrow onto the Bowstring: Developing the Feel on the Back of the
    Hand, Angle of Arrow, Push, and Tip of Nock Downward
  11. Mark Your Hand Locking in the Thumb Release
  12. Do Not Compromise Your Bow & Draw Time
  13. How to Correctly Draw Your Arrow: Push & Pull
  14. Reiterating the Importance of Developing a Feel
  15. Anchor Point Hack with Lipstick
  16. Hay String Tug of War
  17. Importance of Rechambering
  18. Achieving a Grouping at Closer Range Before You Move Further Away
  19. Setting Personal Mounted Archery Goals
  20. Forward, Side, and Back Shot
  21. Walking and Shooting with the Arrow Nocked
  22. Walking Without the Arrow Nocked
  23. Shooting From the Barrel
  24. Stretches for Mounted Archery

What to Expect: 

This course is needed to get started in mounted archery.  

The beauty of taking this online course is that each move is separated into an individual video that you can watch repeatedly until you can master that section.

In a clinic setting you watch and get limited technique practice.

Now you can master each move to make you an even better mounted archer.

Watch the video lessons on demand, from any device.  Watch 24/7/365 as many times as you need.